Whether you want to buy or sell a property, you should always consider a property valuation. Valuation not only plays an important role for you personally, but is also decisive for your performance. We will be happy to assist you.

The value of a property is made up of many factors that can be reviewed within the framework of a valuation procedure. The value of a property is decisive for purchase or sale decisions, new construction and renovation projects as well as for conversion plans. On the basis of the value as well as the market value a reliable recommendation can be made regarding your potential investment object.

In order to value real estate as accurately as possible, our real estate experts apply various valuation methods. In property valuation, our team focuses primarily on the comparative value method, which compares properties with similar properties, the capitalized earnings value method, which focuses on estimating future earnings, and the tangible value method, which focuses on the land value and the construction costs of the buildings. The property’s location, which has a significant influence on its market value, serves as the basis for property valuation. The prices can vary considerably depending on the geographical location of the property, whereby the market value depends on the attractiveness of the location. At the same time, the condition and equipment of an existing property plays a major role in determining its market value. Our real estate experts evaluate the quality of the property and advise on conversion or renovation requirements. This includes checking the condition of the building itself and evaluating the interior fittings. The property valuation also takes into account legal aspects which are fundamental for a reliable property valuation. They provide information about the freedoms and rights the buyer has over the property and whether additional building measures can be carried out without problems.

Exploit the full potential of your property and use the value assessment to be able to argue competently and purposefully in price negotiations. Familiarise yourself with the value of a potential property when making your decision in order to achieve the best economic results for your real estate project.