Am Großen Wannsee 4, 14109 Berlin

Am Großen Wannsee 4, 14109 Berlin

Am Großen Wannsee 4, 14109 Berlin



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Am Großen Wannsee 4, 14109 Berlin
ca. 1.240 m²
30.000.000 € Project volume
New construction


At the Großen Wannsee 4 in 14109 Berlin is being built in an idyllic location close to the city centre. a residential house with 6 luxurious apartments and a Boat mooring.

The district of Wannsee is characterized by numerous lakes and canals, lush forests and charming villa architecture. From the end of the 19th century on. the Wannsee became more and more important as a destination for excursions and as a exclusive residential address for wealthy bourgeoisie.

Today the Wannsee is a popular local recreation area and offers possibilities for numerous leisure and sports activities. The planned Apartment house being built in direct waterfront location of the Großen Wannsees. In keeping with this, the architecture of the building has a nautical impression. Large windows and spacious terraces offer a fairytale-like view of the Großer Wannsee. The exclusive furnishings and high-quality materials guarantee luxurious and comfortable living.

Floor Plans

garden level

Ground floor left

Ground floor right

Upper floor left

Upper floor right



    Am Großen Wannsee 4, 14109 Berlin

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