Berlin still has the lowest housing quota of all federal states – but housing construction is booming! Purchase prices in 2022 will tend to rise further!


Investment in new housing construction is becoming increasingly attractive due to low interest rates as well as the threat of inflation. For this reason, the Berlin Kiez Watchlist 2022 of 26 homes this year deals with the question of which districts/neighbourhoods have the most potential to increase in value.


Fourth place among the top 5 is occupied by the district of Reinickendorf explicitly with the neighbourhoods: Tegel & Konradshöhe


Especially at the time of the pandemic, there was a feeling of a veritable urban exodus. But this trend was not confirmed. What did remain, however, is the realisation that we are living in times in which a higher value is placed on housing. People are increasingly looking for a haven of peace. Nowadays, living is supposed to be a place of relaxation, and at best in a flourishing environment, because people are now always trying to bring living and nature into harmony – optimal prerequisites for Tegel’s potential to increase in value.


Tegelort is named after Berlin’s largest body of water, Tegeler See, but also Tegel forest. To the south, Tegeler See spreads out with its islands and wooded shores. In the west, the Havel, which is very wide here and partly widened like a lake, forms the border of this district. To the east and north, the large Tegel forest stretches out and borders on the Stolpe nature reserve.


With the closure of Tegel Airport, a remarkable calm has returned here, which now gives the nature and bird sanctuaries around it room to flourish.  The air quality is improving rampantly and the quality of life is steadily increasing.


But unlike the rural conurbations of the surrounding area, in Tegel you have the considerable advantages of our big city. Especially with regard to flexibility in daily life. The nearest supermarket is almost always a few minutes’ walk away. If there are closing times in the countryside, you don’t have to worry here – supermarkets and kiosks are open until late at night and sometimes 24 hours a day. The connection to the public transport system as well as a good connection to the city motorway make it possible to be at any point of our capital within a very short time.


The listed 125 year old Berlin excursion restaurant “Seegarten- Tegelort” – directly on the Tegelort shore – is being given a new lease of life by the CREST group of companies.


The remaining ensemble of a restaurant building and a former summer hall along the site boundary will be partially integrated. But where the focus used to be on exquisite catering at this location on Lake Tegel, a first-class and idyllic new building project is being created with three residential buildings and a total of 17 high-quality condominiums. Each of these flats has terraces and lines of sight to the waterfront as well as the island of Scharfenberg. This is because this special property at Scharfenberger Str. 26e

is located on the headland between the Havel and Tegeler See.


The former summer hall is also being converted. A greened shed with bicycle parking will be built here. A passageway to the lakeside path is also to be created here, via which a bathing beach invites visitors to linger within a few minutes’ walk. Furthermore, you can reach the passenger ferry from here that goes to the islands of Valentinwerder and Maienwerder in Tegeler See and to the Saatwinkel district on Jungfernheide. The ferry also calls at the Spandau stop.


The CREST group of companies is so convinced of our metropolis’ location that it is relocating its modern headquarters right in the centre on Kurfürstendamm to one of the former “Borsigvillen”.


To this end, Liesborner Weg 19

is currently undergoing extensive renovation. Here, as well as in the development and design of all projects, the focus is primarily on the idyllic prime location close to nature as well as the contemporary architecture paired with high-quality comfort. The former Borsig villa and thus the new office will be flooded with light in the best possible way under the aspect of the historical background with a very representative entrance area on two levels and is to function as a symbol of the strong orientation and the great progress of the company through an avant-garde interior. But beyond that, the tranquillity of nature is intended to create a nice balance for the sometimes hectic daily office routine.


In addition, two single-family houses – the „Butterflyhouses“ – are being built on the approximately 2,900 m² plot. An unusual and exciting residential project that takes advantage of the site’s hillside location.  The planned Butterflyhouses will be built into a hill and merge with the topography, so that the view from the villa on the plot towards the lake is not obstructed.

The Butterflyhouses have all the qualities of a single house and, with their own spa area with gym, reach the highest level of requirements. Together with the villa, you create an independent yet cohesive residential ensemble with a special flair.